Howdy Honda

The great folks at Howdy Honda sponsor one of the many recovery rooms at Dell Children’s Blood & Cancer Center. Many of the rooms have themes, which the kids love. However, the original Howdy Honda room featured only their logo and the team knew it was time for a makeover. Studio stepped in and created not just a new theme, but an ‘out-of-this-world’ experience. Playing off of the Honda Odyssey minivan and the Howdy astronaut, Studio remodeled the room to feel as though the kids were on a distant planet, complete with planet surface graphics, supernovas that fit into the roof lighting, one-way film on the glass doors to create privacy, a rocket ship bookshelf complete with space books and plushies, even space-themed book lights so parents could stay with their child during recovery without being left in the dark. The photos start with the tear down, then show the concept, finished room, and the ribbon-cutting. The event was covered in the Austin American-Statesman.