“Dan is a strategic thinker, talented writer, exceptional collaborator and all-around master of his craft. He has a knack for the art of storytelling and getting past the marketing speak to appeal to and connect with the humans on the receiving end of our clients’ messages. Dan was a key collaborator on several award-winning campaigns, always strives for excellence in his work and pushes boundaries that need pushing in order to create meaningful and impactful outcomes for our clients.”
Erin Riggs, Data-Driven Marketing Strategist

“Dan is a versatile copywriter and a pleasure to work with. He’s willing to explore new territory when it comes to writing and take on new challenges. He is the consummate professional, stays cool under pressure, is a great team player and will do whatever it takes to get the job done.”
Brian Rivers, Vice-President, Creative Services, Bulldog

“I was fortunate to work with Dan on several Web projects at AMD. On top of being very easy to work with due to his professional attitude and willingness to help beyond his every day job duties, Dan can be counted on to provide creative solutions that move projects forward quickly and under budget. I highly recommend Dan to any organization seeking a first-rate marketer.”
Andy Thompson, Channel Marketing Programs Manager, AMD

“Dan is a consummate professional, talented marketer and strategic planner. He is also very positive and team-oriented. I would recommend Dan to any looking to drive their business forward and build a winning team.”
Matthew Hammer, Marketing Director, Liveworld

“I have had the pleasure of working with Dan to strategically outline and implement an innovative web based software application showcase directly contributing to partner referrals. Dan demonstrated leadership in proactively securing inputs and approvals across virtual teams, creativity in defining the brand of the showcase and great follow through to ensure we met critical deadlines. I learned a lot from Dan on this project and would highly recommend him.  Top qualities: Highly Creative, Collaborative, Strategic Thinker.”
Donna Becker, Marketing Manager, Strategic Partnerships

“I had the pleasure of working with Dan at AMD on the 50×15 Initiative. His strong track-record of success in SEO campaigns even caught Google by surprise. His commitment to excellence and desire to take on big challenges makes him an asset to any organization. I would welcome the opportunity to work alongside Dan in the future.”
Gina Panza, 50×15 Brand Manager, AMD

“I had the pleasure of working with Dan for 3.5 years at AMD. Dan is a phenomenal writer and web master, and would be a welcome addition to any team seeking an innovative professional.”
Steve Howard, Sr. Manager of the Global 50×15 Initiative, AMD 

“During the 3 years that I’ve worked with Dan on the AMD 50×15 global initiatives, I’ve watched his career and value grow rapidly within that department and one that I knew I could rely upon without question. In addition to being professionally driven, Dan has strong people skills, eager to take on new responsibilities and challenges to make the 50×15 program a success. He would be an incredible asset to any organization.”
Hanh Schnittgrund, Web Project Manager, AMD

“Dan is one of the truly good guys some of us have the privilege of working with in our business careers. By this I mean that Dan is the quality of person you look forward to seeing at work, the high caliber of individual you hope to have on your team. He is reliable, thorough, very knowledgeable and capable, and most of all he flat out delivers results. On an individual level, Dan is one of the finest people I’ve had the privilege of calling “colleague” and “friend.” His integrity and quality of his work are paramount to him, and Dan sets a high bar for others to measure up to. My professional career and personal life have been enriched by Dan Hanrahan. I’d work with him again in a nanosecond. It’s a real pleasure to recommend Dan.”
Brent Earles, Founder & Partner, Caddo Lake Capital

“I have worked closely with Dan for the last year, as LCG has managed VCON’s search engine marketing. Dan has a remarkably complete understanding of the entire marketing process, while still retaining impressive abilities in individual functional areas such as online marketing and public relations. I highly recommend him to any company who needs effective and efficient marketing management.”
Brian Combs, founder and CEO of ionadas local, a SEO firm specializing in Google Maps optimization 

“Dan and I worked very closely on several projecets he managed while being Sr. Corp. Marketing Manager at VCON. We established a great communication protocols for working together in a fully virtual enviroment as I work from Israel and Dan was located in the Austin TX office of VCON INC. USA.”
Gal Samuel, Web developer located in Israel